How SEO Works


Get on the First Page of Google and We know how to do it

Being up on the first page of Google is something everyone loves, because that can basically generate more leads for your business. Also, it is much better and cheaper than opting for Pay per Click Ads. RankMeUP uses these four basic steps to get you up at the top

Step 1: Keyword Analysis


Keyword Analysis

Analysis of keywords is perhaps among the most important steps on the road to achieving the number one page rank. This sort of a strategy requires time and energy. Our team of experts just know how to apply the right moves that will see huge flow of traffic to your site and thereby, sales.

Knowing about your business better and also, keeping a good track of your competitors is how we aim to find the right and effective keywords.

Step 2: On Page Optimization


On Page Optimization

Search engines make the use of web “spiders”, which go through your website structure and making use of mathematical algorithms, draw up an analysis. It is thus very important that these programs can easily understand the structure of your site, and thereby rank it on top. Once our SEO team starts working with your website, we will go through all the code and then make optimal changes to achieve better results.

Step 3: Off Page Optimization


Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is as important as its on page counterpart. We immediately start to work on off page optimization after the on page part is completed. Quality backlinks are added for your site.
The aim here is to get high quality backlinks from sites that are generally rated very highly by search engines.

Step 4: Monthly Analytics


Monthly Analytics

After the completion of the main course of the work,analytics are provided to our customers every month. This gives the customer a report on how their pages are being ranked by search engines. With this feature, you will know if you are getting value by using our service.